Down to business

So, here I am trying to be much more professional in my approach to this business of writing, because if you’re self-publishing it is a business. I have yet to get readers and reviews, but I’m trying my darnedest…Damnit!

Go to my amazon page and buy and read now….please.

One of the other things I have done to help my self stay on track is, I’ve made a roster…I have to do something. I get side-tracked so easily. It is not a hard and fast schedule rather something that gives me a scaffold to work on. Today is day one and I am not on track really, but hey I’m doing this blog right?

This morning was rostered for washing, but I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to do a good cover for Ruth In Pieces. I have tried many things but they aren’t good enough and other authors have told me so, in the nicest terms possible. Someone suggested I send it to a professional, but hell honey if I could afford that I wouldn’t be trying to do it myself….Have a look at these for me and see what you think, bearing in mind its a psychological thriller.

Theses have all been kicked to the sidewalk…

I feel brutalised…I need a rest and some food…and a cuddle from the dog.

A New Idea

Well, for me at any rate.

I have been helped along the way, mostly Callie Berkham, (remember that name), and many of the groups I now belong to. Anyway, I thought, I’d like to help others as well. So Callie and I put our heads together and have started a group for local authors who are, or are contemplating, indie publishing. Please put your hands together for TIP-C (Townsville Indie Publishing Community)

I am still in the process of setting it up, but feel free to go in and leave us a note on how excited you are to see this new venture. You are excited, aren’t you? I am.

Of course, it is NOT confined to people in Townsville. That just fit to make the catchy title. Anyone from any where is invited to participate in the discussions and/or lend others a hand. Neither is it confined to authors we welcome and want illustrators, cover designers, editors, formatters etc.

By the way I say ‘us’ because Callie is going to co-administrate the site, when I figure out how to add her to the admin list. Sometimes all this social media stuff is like pushing water uphill.

I’m still trying to collate the other stuff I’ve learned lately to make it easier to follow the steps needed to set up a newsletter and get subscribers. The latter of which I’ve yet to master.

Come on sign up…there will be freebies and sales further down the line, when I figure out exactly what my approach will be. Which reminds me, I really need to get my first proper email out there, so I’ll see you, Percy.

P.S. Dale is now co-admin on TIP-C. Come and join us