Xelma, a reluctant psychic, is hiding out in tropical North Queensland, under the Witness Protection Program, but when her sister, Charlie, is murdered she risks all to investigate.

Detective Ryan Croft fears Xelma’s ex-husband may be trying to warn her off witnessing against him. He finds Xelma’s insistence that she ‘sees’ events highly suspicious, however her ‘dreams’ are strangely accurate. Could she be the murderer? He is increasingly irritated when she won’t stop interfering in the case. She could get herself killed, and him as well.  Xelma is not the only suspect. Jealousy, retribution and greed all provide motives for Charlie’s nearest and dearest.

Croft fears the worst when Xelma disappears. Has she run? Is she safe?

Percy Rose Does it again!

Book 2 of the Beaufort’s Landing Mystery Series takes us back to tropical North Queensland where unseen dangers lurk; where you don’t go swimming late at night…in the river mouth.

A Small community holds many secrets, some of which may prove fatal.  Our reluctant psychic Xelma is just settling into the quiet life, when Donkey alerts her to danger in the tidal wash.

 Detective Inspector Ryan Croft finds himself back at Beaufort’s Landing, caught again in Xelma’s special brand of sleuthing. She is brave, strong, stubborn and in DANGER.