These pages are dedicated to my darker side where I hide behind this pseudonym. You can work out why this name if you try, I am sure. Here you will find madness, murder, terror and crime engendered by crime. Follow if you dare…


Book one of the D.N.A. trilogy (Not yet published)


DON’T READ THIS BOOK…unless you are ready to get lost in a disturbed and disturbing world. Be aware that some of this content could be triggering. Also, there are some fairly explicit sex scenes.

A fascinating and terrifying look into a life of disconnect. One’s early childhood forms and informs how one views life, but is this the only predictor of our perceptions and psychology?



Book 2 of the D.N.A. trilogy (Not yet published)

Daughter-Of-Anger-Kindle A story for fans of suspense and psychological thrillers; fascinating with multilayered characters. The narrative is stellar and it features excellent prose and powerful plot points. Note that it does contain mature content and situations that can be psychologically challenging. The use of the epistolary style reinforces the beauty and depth of the story, allowing the mindset of the protagonist to come out clearly, deepening the elements of the conflict, and enhancing character development. The twists and turns in Jenny’s Story are manifold and readers won’t see them coming. Percy Rose has a unique and compelling voice in the genres of crime and psychological novels, and this book is a fascinating read and a real treat. Romuald Dzeno (People’s Favourite reader)