Hi folks, I have not written a post for some time, because I am still struggling with editing Book 3 of the Beaufort’s Landing Series of murder mysteries, ‘At Curlew Cry’. I owe my beta readers a big apology because though I thought the book was ready, it turns out, no so much.

Yoiks! One poor girl couldn’t cope with it at all and withdrew. The others are still struggling through. One sent me her thoughts and I have gone back to the copy and re-edited. There were still so many timeline errors and plot holes. I was so embarrassed, and since then I have apologised to them individually. But, again, I am sorry.

Why? Oh, why, is this book such a problem for me? I am still having episodes of sudden and all consuming fatigue post-covid, so I guess that is feeding into it. I am feeling so frustrated and cross at myself…however, I am feeling better and getting more writing done.

I have some ideas for the next books in the series. One will be set in Charters Towers. some 2hrs south-west of here. The other in Paluma. I will write out a quick plot line soon. I have some ideas about titles and have chosen one of my paintings for the cover of the Paluma one— see above banner. Paluma is a beautiful mountainside village some 30 to 40 mins north-west of here. The temperatures are very mild, the air cool and often misty, and it is surrounded by national park jungle full of native mammals and birds. It is magical and special, pity about the winding and dangerous road up. Some people get motion sickness travelling up there. Surely nothing dastardly could happen in such heavenly surroundings. Stick around and you will soon find out.

On other matters….

The Townsville Writers and Publishers Community are having a special day at The Strand in Townsville on Australia Day 26th January. Come on down and participate in workshops, listen to readings, buy local writers books. It will be a fun day.

Also, am trying to get started on Book 3 of the DNA Novels, ‘Clothed In Black’, so will have more to report back on that in the near future.

Well, that should be my year taken care of, I reckon. Talk soon.

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